Commission. Museum of Love and Protest. The NAS Gallery. Sydney 2018

Ash and white watercolour crayon
3m x 3m
Dedicated to Brian and David

There was a show we did a long time ago at a New Years Eve Party in the Hordern Pavilion in the Old Showgrounds for Pride and it was a flagging and laser show and we did this amazing routine a group of us and a few months later at Sleaze Ball, my friend who had been in the show, his partner gave out little clear plastic sandwich bags with his ashes mixed with glitter because my friend had died of AIDS in those few months between the parties and so we sort of redid the routine in the Hordern Pavilion in a circle and sprinkled his ashes where we had all danced before and afterwards I was in the men’s toilets and I met a friend and he said

‘Gareth you are covered in ash.’